Hi to all DABsters

It is with regret that we wish to inform you that the Gallery will be closed until further notice, due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Therefore, all Workshops and Courses and Peer Groups will be postponed until further notice.

If you have artwork you would like to collect, please respond to this email to make arrangements. If you are attending the Gallery or Shed to collect your artwork, please respect the social distance and hygiene recommendations.

This email will be sent out to all 2019 members, and those who have renewed for 2020. Would you please ensure you have renewed your membership for 2020, in that way you can be up to date when we open up, and re-schedule the Workshops, Courses and Peer groups. You can renew by paying by direct deposit to the DAB bank account. Membership forms and payment details are on our website - www.dabmossman.com.

On behalf of the executive committee and the gallery committee I wish you and your families stay safe and enjoy good health. Please take advantage of this time of restrictions to create beautiful art.

Regards, Andrea Falstein (President)