POTTERY AND CERAMICS Starts: Tuesday 11th March 9.30am—5 wks; Price:$100 Tutor: Liz Showniruk. Both beginners and advanced students are welcome to develop their skills working with clay.

CREATE AN ART JOURNAL Starts: Tuesday 11th March 1.30PM—5 wks. Price:$100 Tutor: Liz Showniruk. Discover the fun of creating your own art journal, which is art-making, diary-keeping, journaling all in one.

INTRODUCTION TO PRINTMAKING Starts: Wednesday 12th March 1.30pm;5 wks; Price:$100 Tutor: Judith Corrighan.Learn the techniques of printmaking as a fine art, and make multiple copies of your artwork as prints on paper. More info

INTRO TO BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATION Starts: Thursday 13th March 1.30pm—5 wks;Price$100 Tutor: Liz Showniruk.Beginners learn how to create scientifically accurate and artistically pleasing drawings and paintings of plants. More info

DEVELOPING DRAWING and PAINTING SKILLS Starts: Saturday 15th March1.30pm—5 wks;Price:$100 Tutor: Dagmar Dawson.Both beginners and advanced students are welcome. Each week will focus on a new technique and students will receive help on their own projects