Hello DABsters

Just a reminder that DAB's first exhibition "Tropical Magic" for 2018 is just over 3 weeks away! It's coming around very quickly.

The deadline for artwork to be delivered to DAB for the exhibition is Tuesday 15 May.

DAB's Exhibition Protocols are available from the link below for your information.  Please note that if your artwork is to be hung on the wall, it is important that it has a medium or large D hook (depending on the size of the artwork) on each side of the frame, and no further than one third down the side of the frame, with a secure wire attached.  If needed, DAB has D hooks for sale in the gallery.  If your artwork does not comply with this requirement, we may not be able to display it.

Also linked below is DAB's new "Exhibition Registration Form & ID Tags".  Please complete these before you bring your artwork into the gallery.

If you have any queries regarding any of this information, please contact a Gallery Sub-Committee member.

Here are links to:
DAB's Exhibition Protocols (updated April 2018)
Exhibition registration form and ID tags

Happy creating!  We look forward to having your artwork in the exhibition.