PASTELS—PLEIN AIR SEASCAPES—Explore the medium of pastels and discover their versatility to create stunning artworks in the field.

BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATION—Learn how to select plant specimens and compose an illustration that is scientifically accurate as well as aesthetically pleasing. Use pencils and water-colour to complete exercises that demonstrate the
basics . All levels.

IMPRESSIONISM –PLEIN AIR MOSSMAN—Learn to paint using the styles and techniques of the impressionists, and apply the concepts to the Mossman environment, painting outdoors from real life to capture the light .

POTTERY FOR BEGINNERS—Create a variety of useful and decorative pieces and experience the joy of working clay with your hands, earn basic techniques.

BUILDING BIG POTS—Build big pots the easy way! Make yourself a big, 'earthy' pot for the garden or home - simple, elegant, primitive or sculptural .

MAKE A TEDDY BEAR—Create a beautiful hand crafted mohair teddy bear,from top quality German mohair, with glass eyes.

BASKET MAKING WITH NATURAL FIBRES—Learn to use natural fibres which are found locally to create basket forms using basket making techniques.

FORAGE AND BUILD WITH FOUND OBJECTS—Create a sculpture with found objects from the forest or the beach, involves carving/ building at DAB and documenting i.e.; photos, sketches.

PRINCIPLES OF ART - ART FOR BEGINNERS - An introduction to art concepts and art appreciation for adults who have never 'done art before'.

KIDS AND CLAY - Offers children the opportunity to explore and learn the basics of clay in a relaxed studio environment that encourages creative expression, while learning the fundamentals of pottery.

PRINTING WITH CHILDREN - Kids love printing - this course explores the magic of printing with various techniques including stamping, stencilling, and monoprinting onto a variety of surfaces.